My name is Tegan Ingoe. I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for stopping by my blog! I am really excited to share with you a little bit more about me and a little more about what this site is all about.

I am a wife, mum of 3 boys, part-time ece teacher, an online marketer and freedom-preneur along with running a small online beachwear shop which I just recently decided to close down due to competition with big chain stores creating the same products and just the overall handling of products, stock and shipping.  Through closing this it has allowed me to focus on my other passion which is online marketing.  I was first introduced to online marketing a few years ago when I was researching ways to make my small online business thrive. I studied lead generations and sales funnels and I found I had a real passion for brand marketing and leveraging the internet. 
One of my goals from almost 10 years ago when I had my first son was to work from home somehow through the internet.  Then a few months ago I decided to make a change and offer what I have learnt over the years.  Things happen for a reason & I feel that this happened at the right time. I was ready to take charge and make changes in my life! Feel good about myself and not be stressed about finances anymore.  I am so much more knowledgeable in the area of marketing & I see the potential it has to benefit my family & I!
To fulfill our dreams and feel free!

 Since the creation on Freedom Tribe I have put myself through my e-course and I have really worked on my branding!  So this leads me to introduce myself as:

Tegan Ingoe, I am a Teacher, Mother and entrepreneur.  Founder of the "Virtual Boss Babe", online business builder courses and business mentor.  Creator or the "Freedom Tribe" blog and doTERRA wellness advocate!

Since I am a teacher and will always be a teacher I am passionate about educating others, whether it be children or adults. So what you can expect from my tribe is support and education on how to build an online brand from home or where ever there is an internet connection.  Lets call this an amazing professional development opportunity that is valuable to you and your business!

I promise you that the only way to fail is to quit. So are you ready to start building a life, rather than a living? If you’re ready, then I'm ready to guide you to success.


My crazy boy tribe!
Our family loves the beach so now we get to do more of this! Our ultimate goal: TIME FREEDOM

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