How to start a profitable blog

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may make a commission from some links on my blog.  I only promote products and services that I believe in and personally use.  I can also help you learn to monetize through affiliate marketing babe! Hit me up!

Whether you are an established or aspiring blogger or business here are my simple steps to launch a blogsite or website online!
I also put together this part of the course in such a way so that it can become duplicable.  I want you to learn how to leverage the internet in a way that you can monetize through your site and have things set in place in such a way to become automated. Saving you time, making you some #sidehustle & creating your life by design.

“Disclaimer: Assume some links may be affiliated.  Meaning I may get a profit in some way if you purchase a recommended product or service, these are companies that fit with my philosophy and niche and because I believe in them so help a sister out”


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#1  Buying a domain

The name of my website is  This is the hub of my business where people find me online. Choosing your name can be a tough decision, or maybe you have had the name in mind for a while.  You will also need a hosting account where you domain 'lives'.  Luckily, the hosting company in #2 provides you with a FREE domain! yay babes! So get ready with your domain name in mind and head to step two.

#2  Getting a hosting account

Okay! This next step will set you up a hosting account. This is where your blogsite or website 'lives'. It is where you will rent space to install WordPress software & manage your site. With so many web hosting services around it can get confusing & I like to teach what I know and have experience with.  I recommend Bluehost. One because you can get a FREE domain name and two because hosting ends up around $3.95/month. Score!

#3  Setting up hosting

In this step I will walk you through setting up hosting. By now you would have taken this ACTION: Click below photo to get your domain & signup for hosting with Bluehost After following the link click "get started" looks like this


1.Get Started
2.Choose a plan
3.Choose FREE domain name of transfer domain
4.Enter personal details
5. Choose a plan - and any extras  which are optional.  With Bluehost you pay yearly, calculated by a monthly rate.  Next is billing info to complete registration.  Next is setting a password.

#4  Installing WordPress

CONGRATS ON GETTING YOURSELF YOUR VERY OWN DOMAIN & HOSTING SET UP!  Please any questions feel free to email Tegan at if you need any assistance.
login to your new Bluehost account.  They have made it easy to install WordPress & start a blog/site. allows you to scale your site and have a lot more control than the .com version which is limiting.  Pick a theme, this can be changed at a later time.  All done! Well done babes!  You are now ready to see your WordPress dashboard and start building your site "Click start building".  Let's activate your blog.  Click "Bluehost" on the top left menu.  Click "Launch"!  Give your site a title! VOILA!!!


You made it to the last step!

#5  Install a theme

Last is the fun part! Making your site look fabulous! There are some free themes available but if they are not your cup of tea have a look at the paid premium themes. I recommend there are some sweet themes! At ThemeForest, go to WordPress in the upper left section.  Choose your theme type and have a browse.  There are Ecommerce themes if you are creating a website that sells products! After purchasing your theme you will return to your WordPress dashboard and click "Appearance"> Themes>Upload new theme.  Here you will unload the .zip file of the theme you just purchase!


Well done you should be all set up with your new website or blogsite.

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