Affiliate Marketing 101

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may make a commission from some links on my blog.  I only promote products and services that I believe in and personally use.  I can also help you learn to monetize through affiliate marketing babe! Hit me up!

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What is affiliate marketing?

What exactly is affiliate marketing? I have heard many aspiring & beginner bloggers and influencers stress their uncertainty and understanding of affiliate marketing so I created this blog post to get you started with affiliate links along with sharing my top products that I promote.
Affiliate marketing is when you monetize your blog by promoting and selling other’s products. You would try to earn money by placing an affiliate link on your website, social media account, or anywhere that you have online influence for potential sales. Affiliate marketing ultimately aims to have people purchase a product through your affiliate link or links.

There are easy and more appropriate affiliate programs and networks for bloggers to join that may be more appropriate for your blog content and have more potential in your niche market.  As soon as I implemented these easier to use and understand affiliate programs with more appropriate affiliate links and used Amazon’s affiliate links in a more effective way, I was getting the hang of it and actually making some money.

I soon started making a small amount of money but wanted to maximize my earnings and perfect my strategy. A couple of months ago I came across an ebook called “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours Using Pinterest” worth only $25 and I took the leap to purchase it because:

  • It promised to teach me exactly what other bloggers were avoiding to share
  • It promised (almost) instant results
  • It brought to my attention a big piece of the affiliate puzzle that I was missing.
  • It was only $25. I figured if it worked, I would make the money back eventually. (And I did! Not only that but it was a big part of how I made my first $100 blogging and helped me lay the foundation of my affiliate marketing strategy that earned me over $1000 in affiliate sales already!)

Ok so obviously that E-book I am an affiliate for right?

I suggest if you are an affiliate that you actually purchase that e-book, course or product first.  This was you have a full understanding of that product plus you will know if it is a right fit for you.  Now I will be sharing a few of my affiliates that I promote and work for me, but if you are a food blogger and not in my niche they will not be right for you.

In sharing this information I believe it will help you understand a bit more about what affiliate offers there are out there.  Let's say you find a rad cook book or a sleep guide for babies! These would be a perfect fit for those niches! Or Travel bloggers promoting cheap travel etc.  I suggest of you find a certain product you love, there is probably a big chance they have an affiliate programme for it.

Courses on can have an affiliate programme.  This is a platform that I use to upload and promote my courses.  Check it out HERE!  Anything take your fancy? We have a lot of value on offer! Plus click HERE if you would like to become an affiliate for Virtual Boss Babe!  I will coach you with the best ways to promote affiliate links.

Ok lets get to the point! Here is a list of my current top affiliate programmes.


This is just a few that I love promoting that are linked directly to my niche! My mission of up leveling blogs and businesses is supported by providing value through other rad products! Books, courses, mindset, webhosting to name a few.  Digital influencing! I love it! How I can support other Boss Babes plus I can be supported back! I love creating products! There is so much valuable information out there in my niche market so I do not want to recreate the wheel on so many subjects to do with online marketing so this is how I leverage other peoples products!!! WIN WIN!!!

I hope you got some value babes!