Camping with boys

Hey Babes! Travel Tribe is about what my family & I get up to! We like to explore backyard NZ & we have made it more of a priority to plan these getaways otherwise we just do not end up doing it.

This mission involved heading to Anaura Bay on the East Coast for Labour Weekend.  We had decided 2 weeks prior that this is what we wanted to do with our family.  Not much planning took place as the motor camp that we stayed at was very laid back and we were able to just show up!

The excitement leading up was doing the rounds with the boys and my sister & I were excited to do the food list as the is very important as camping is mainly about relaxing and eating am I right?

All was going to plan up until 6am the morning we were supposed to leave.  You will never guess what happened next.....

Well yes you will now know if you clicked "read more"

Mr 9 came running in to our room! "I'm going to spew"

"What the heck?" I said half asleep as we all ran to the toilet! ss

The thing on all our minds was..... we are supposed to go camping this morning!

The first thing Seth said afterwards was "I want to still go camping mum"!

Eeek what the heck do we do!

After assuring him he was going to be ok and deciding that we would go and he can just rest, the same as he would at home.  We packed up the van with what seemed like our complete fucking house alongside a whining toddler and sick child.  We cringed at the thought of the drive but thought we can always come home if we need to and maybe stay one night instead of two.

Right off we go! Yay!!! (with a touch of sarcasm).

We had one pull over spew stops & had a trusty bucket that didn't leave his side! We arrived to paradise!

Check out our beachfront pozzy & camp set up! We haven't camped since our eldest was 6 weeks old (that is another adventure of its own lol) We were not 100% sure if we had all the right gear but we decided that this trip would let us know what we would or wouldn't need next time.

We went camping with my dad, Sister, Brother in law & their gorgeous 10 month old, our family which consists of muah, husband, & 3 boys aged 9, 6 & 1.5!

My sister & I were pretty outnumbered haha but we are used to it!

Here's my babe Dusty chillin after a hard night!
The first night was pretty good! Dusty & I slept in the tent pictured behind and he woke once or twice, shoved the dummy back in and he was sweet!

The second night was a different story!

After pushing him in the pram to get him to sleep which took ages I transferred him when I was ready for bed.  He slept til 11pm woke and was a bit disorientated and unsure of the tent & was trying to get out.  He would calm for a wee while in between cries and have a cuddle! I just had to keep reassuring him with cuddles and getting him to lay down.  BUT THEN......

I saw a light and heard the zips and a kafuffle with the tent.  Thinking it was my husband after a few I kept asking what are you doing? I would get no reply! Eeek "Who's there?" still no reply but still the noise of someone trying to get into the tent. Both Dusty & I kind of freaking out.  I fumbled for the torch and shone it at the door.  It was a fucking DOG!!! A little dog with a bark collar on that has a light! It kept scrambling to get in my tent.  I tried to shoo it and growl it and it just wouldn't bloody budge lol 

Anywho Dog finally f'd off, took Dusty for a walk to the toilet, gave pamol for teeth, changed bum & back to bed.  We both finally got to sleep at around 3.30am.  I slept for 2 hours that night! My husband slept peacefully in the van all night long..... you could imagine the look I gave him in the am!
Well I awoke at 5.30am, didn't want to miss the sunrise like the am before.  I got up & made a delicious strong Jed's coffee bag coffee! (These are the best) My nephew was awake too after a similar wakeful night.  But look at this... The stress & tiredness was all forgotten with this view!

Let's pop that on XLARGE as it is amazing! Sunrises, sunsets & being in nature just brings you down to earth, keeps you grounded and grateful!

What an amazing weekend when you pop aside minor bumps like sickness and no sleep! I am grateful for this experience & it is exactly what we wanted to do! Explore New Zealand's backyard!


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