10 inspirational boss babe quotes

"I believe that what we think leads to what we become" Tegan Ingoe - Entrepreneur, Creator or Virtual Boss Babe

One thing that I have noticed about those we look up to, such as celebrities is that we see them as successful.  Not only successful bit inspirational! WHY? because they say things that resonate with us as a human being like wanting to succeed at something.  They have knowledge on mindset!  They have learnt from their mistakes and they were once unknown before this success, therefore giving us hope that success can happen to US!

When we hear words that ring true to us we translate this as WISDOM! Words from the wise! Why are these people wise though? I will tell you why! They are experienced! They have learnt through mistakes and misfortunes! They have conquered all battles to get to where they are! I am telling you many success stories do not come easily.  Your day will come when you succeed! If this is what you wish! Everyone's view of success is different and this is fine.  It is our journey to our own destiny!
I believe we manifest our own destiny.  Meaning you must think, see & feel this destiny in order to get to it!
A negative mind will give you a negative destiny!

I am constantly learning about law of attraction and mindset through reading and from those I see as my mentors!

The creator of Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenika is like the goddess of Manifestation & Mindset! I have learnt a lot from her books, courses & freebie library of resources about mindset! It has been amazing not only for my business but for my mindset! I tend to suffer easily from anxiety and depression so positive babes like this have an impact on my mental health that's for sure!

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