25 Facebook Groups for blog & biz babes

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may make a commission from some links on my blog.  I only promote products and services that I believe in and personally use.  I can also help you learn to monetize through affiliate marketing babe! Hit me up!

I have secret intel babes!

Facebook groups have been helping me increase my page views on my blog.  Why? Because Facebook groups are one of the best ways to connect and collaborate with like minded beings.  This is organic traffic that allows you to share your content in these groups (abiding by groups rules of course) lol

The cold hard truth is that these days many social media networks are PAY TO PLAY! meaning in order to get your content seen you have to advertise or 'boost' when it comes to Facebook.  So if you have a Facebook page for your blog or business then your page will NOT show up on your followers feed.  Sucky right! That why I am most active in my group because groups are the exception to that! YAY great news!!!

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So when you share your content in relevant groups you are targeting people who will be interested.  This year I started my group "Freedom Tribe - Virtual Boss Babe" which has a few hundred members.  I encourage sharing of businesses and blogs in the group as I am passionate about building and growing these two things! I provide tips and courses to up level your biz + blog and I have fun creating content that is valuable for your growth!

I compiled a list of Facebook groups for mostly bloggers and business babes so that you babes can connect, collaborate, share & learn off other like minded entrepreneurs!

  1. Freedom Tribe - Virtual boss babe
  2. The Blogging Crew
  3. Sparklepreneur
  4. The Brazen ones
  5. Blissful Boss Society
  6. Social Media Content boost for bloggers
  7. Oh she blogs
  8. Photography for your blog & biz
  9. Blogstart
  10. Girls on Insta
  11. Inspired bloggers network
  12. Launching legends
  13. Blogging babes and business bosses
  14. Boss babe tribe
  15. Ladies blog for business
  16. Bloggers tribe
  17. The blog tribe
  18. Pinterest mastermind community
  19. G-WOO Babes
  20. Brand, build & launch
  21. Savvy business owners
  22. Minding her business
  23. Blogging day
  24. Women winning online
  25. Female digital nomads
I personally use around 4-5 of these groups as I find it easier to remember the group rules, I actually see posts on my feed, have made some connections with people in the groups, am working on collaborations and better yet some are similar to my niche of educating others on business and blogging so I trust these people, have built trust with them and even purchased certain products that have boosted my business.

Have a search for niche specific groups, for example you may be a food or travel blogger! Believe me there is a group about just about anything these days.