Kick start your holistic health in 2018

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YAY it is almost a new year!  With new years brings new beginnings and I always view a new year as starting fresh and getting some solid perspective of where I see myself going.

I am a qualified early childhood teacher from New Zealand.  Our early childhood curriculum is one of the leading documents in the world when it comes to teaching and learning with young children.  I believe that the curriculum can be applied older beings in regards to assessment.  I used to use the principles and strands that guided our teaching to assess teacher practice when I was in a leadership role.

I see the benefits of assessing our own lives through self-reflection.  When we reflect on certain areas of our lives we can learn more about ourselves and what areas we may need to work on.  So I am taking a holistic approach to learning more about myself, what works for my body, mind and soul.  Extending my knowledge of my passions such as online business and getting excited about the future.

My goals are to:


Goal: To successfully get involved in a challenge that will allow me to feel attracted to healthier food choices that will then make me feel more energized and motivated.

The first area I am focusing on in this holistic health journey is my body health.  I am doing this through joining "The Healthy Mummy" 28 day challenge! You can learn more HERE

The Healthy Mummy Special (Leaderboard)

I am borderline diabetic so I know that I really need to look after myself and lose some weight.  I know people that have done and are continuing to lose weight through this programme.  There is so much support & valuable content on their website like this article
Plus they have yummy shakes that I am excited to try!

SO... I am ready to reign in those bad food habits from Christmas & smash this goal next year to lose weight! Which brings me to the next part of my Holistic Health journey! That is....


Goal: To continue with my positive mindset journey through daily rituals such as journal-ling and meditation.  Surround myself around other motivational babes who share the same mindset and are goal driven.

Yes babe this thing called Mindset is bloody important! I know that if my mind is not mentally prepared or in the right mindset then these goals will not come to fruition.  My mindset journey is forever developing.  I religiously follow Kathrin Zenkina! She is inspiring and we are like minded in our views and beliefs of law of attraction.  I have learnt so much through her 
Plus I believe working on my mindset helps keep my anxiety at bay most of the time.

How amazing would it be to access life changing content that would help you:

  • >>Manifest the life of your dreams faster than you can say "manifest"
  • >>Relax your crazy thoughts and enter the world of Zen
  • >>Trust that you are always being guided 
  • >>Set monthly intentions that actually come to life
  • >>Learn how to use affirmations effectively to train your mind to attract success
  • >>Bring a desire to life in just 5 days (yep, a 5 day manifesting challenge!)
  • >>Bring more money into your life than you ever believed possible
  • >>And so much more

Check our her free library babes!

Part of my mindset journey involves using a journal.  
Check out more about in this blog post: The #1 way to practice gratitude

PLUS alongside a journal I have a Planner that allows me to be focused and organised.  Being an online entrepreneur, it is a MUST to have a planner.  It can be in paper or digital form.  I prefer to write things down on paper so I have printed the raddest planner from this babe!

Slay your goals planner <<<< By its all Boo!!!


Goal: To take a more in depth approach to living chemical free through natural alternatives.  This involves the home, my family and I.

This wellness journey has also lead to new experiences I have found online.  I was offered a free try of some essential oils and took part in an amazing "5 days to a healthier home".  I learnt so much and fell in love with my daily dose of Wild Orange.  It has helped me feel more energized and calm! Great for this anxiety prone lass. 

 I was inspired to learn more not just because the products are amaze! But because I love to learn how other businesses tick! Its a big interest of mine and I already have some knowledge on Network Marketing, I wanted to find out how this company stood out from the rest! I love the process other boss babes take to promote their businesses online and I was truly inspired by the way Holly Pauro from The Inspired Collective runs her biz! I look forward to learning more about these natural gems and sharing them with people.

So here's to a mind blowing 2018 where I kick start my holistic health and up level my online businesses! 

Tegz XXX

What are your goals babe?