Why ConvertKit is perfect for bloggers

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may make a commission from some links on my blog.  I only promote products and services that I believe in and personally use.  I can also help you learn to monetize through affiliate marketing babe! Hit me up!

Email Marketing for Professional Bloggers

ConvertKit is the tool powering the growth of the blogging industry.

Bloggers and online businesses for that matter in my opinion MUST HAVE an email list and use it!  Email marketing helps us to build relationships, build trust and keep these two things going.

I started using MailChimp for my online business and used this for 3 years.  I loved it! I was able to create opt-ins and I fell in love with the Snap app! The app was so easy as I am always on my phone and I am always up for making any of my online work a seamless process. 


They canned the app! WHAT! WHY?

Who bloody knows, but I stuck with it for a little while longer until I came across a blog post that taught me more about ConvertKit and it CONVERTED ME!!!


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5 Reasons why you need ConvertKit
  1. Opt-in forms - These allow you to create and design a form to capture those sacred emails! They are easy to customize to tie in with your brand and look all professional AF!  These are able to be imbedded within you content like this.... 

  2. Landing pages - These bad boys are a whole other blog post coming soon! A landing page is a full page optin which can be treated as a sales funnel.

  3. Automation - Automation = Freedom! automations tools are life! Follow up sequences or a nurture sequence will keep your tribe happy whilst you are happily basking in the sunshine.

  4. Analytics - Statistics will allow you to review how much traffic your blog is getting and how well your optins, landing pages and newsletters are performing.

  5. Promote ConvertKit - I am a blogger who blogs about blogging and I am passionate about teaching others about how they can leverage the internet through e-commerce or blogging.  Another thing that tipped me over the edge to switching from Mailchimp to ConvertKit was that they have an amazing affiliate programme that has a reoccurring commission for affiliate sales.  This was a no brainer for me! So I found another blog babes affiliate link and signed up through her.  Now I promote this rad email company for professional bloggers and I like to believe the cycle will continue with the next person that signs up for ConvertKit.


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I am having so much fun at the moment creating content and specialized forms and landing pages for my subscribers and to embed in my websites.  You can pretty them up to match your branding style and make it YOUR OWN!

"We built ConvertKit to help professional bloggers be more human AND make a living doing so through better email marketing"

Awesome babes! Hope this gives you some value, plus sets you up right to connect with your subscribers!